How To Tell If A MAC Makeup Product Is Fake?

MAC Cosmetics is a globally renowned brand. It has millions of fans and those who have used a MAC makeup product would be unlikely to switch to any other brand. This makes MAC makeup products desirable but that doesn’t reduce the price of the products. MAC is not the costliest of makeup brands but its prices cannot be called cheap or inexpensive. Many people may not want to spend the kind of money a MAC makeup product asks for. This compels them to opt for discounts which are often found on sites like eBay. There are many good things about a site like eBay but there are many vices or negatives as well. One of the biggest problems with eBay or purchasing a MAC makeup product from unofficial sources is counterfeiting.

There is no dearth of fake MAC products. When you buy a fake, it is obvious that the quality would not be even remotely the same as that of a genuine MAC makeup product. But what is more concerning is the possibility of certain materials or chemicals being present in the fake that can actually cause harm. There are cases where people have bought fake cosmetic products and have had skin rashes, pimples and even severe allergies.

If you wish to avoid purchasing a fake MAC makeup product, buy from official stores and dealers. If you absolutely have to look for discounts on sites like eBay or through any unofficial channels, then you should look out for these telltale signs that they are fake.

  • You should always look at the pictures uploaded by the dealer or seller. The more pictures there are, the better it is. Genuine sellers would want you to know that their MAC makeup product is authentic and they would walk the extra mile to prove that. Shady dealers or sellers will not be willing to give you extra information.
  • You should look for some worrying signs in the listing such as any additional stuff being present along with the MAC makeup product. For instance, if you are getting sponge applicators or any accessory with a MAC makeup product, then it is likely a fake. The company usually doesn’t sell any accessory or applicator with its cosmetic products.
  • Look at the fonts of the logo and the information on the pack, check their positioning and compare them with official photos of MAC makeup product. Also, check out the names of the products to know if they are actually manufactured by MAC. The official site of MAC has all names of products they currently manufacture and have discontinued.

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