Which MAC Makeup Product Should You Not Buy?

MAC is a popular makeup brand. The New York based company has hundreds of products in all categories of makeup and the brand has numerous admirers. While the inventory or lineup of products of MAC is extremely desirable, there are some that don’t really impress. There comes a time, albeit rarely, when an odd MAC makeup product may not satiate you. In here, we take a look at those products which did not impress as much as the others. These products are not outright bad but given the standard MAC has created for itself and what we expect from a MAC makeup product, these ones are certainly disappointments.

  • MAC Green Gel Cleanser is one MAC makeup product that had more criticism than endorsement. The cleanser works fairly well with normal skin but it just doesn’t work on even mildly oilier skins. If you have extremely oily skin then you should never consider using this MAC makeup product. If you have dry skin, then you may opt for it. However, it is the oily skin that is the most difficult to cleanse. In that regard, the MAC Green Gel Cleanser doesn’t live up to its expectations.
  • MAC Prep + Prime Eye are another disappointing MAC makeup product. MAC has an impeccable record when it comes to eye-shadows. There are millions of fans of MAC eye-shadows. But the primer is a bummer. Those who like to sport eye-shadows and generally put on a bit every day will need a strong primer. Eye-shadows creasing is the last thing anyone wants. This MAC makeup product is unable to hold the shadow in place and by many accounts this is one of the worst primers not just by MAC but in comparison with other brands as well.
  • MAC Pro LongLash Mascara has been heavily criticized by many users for the flaking problem. Due to some reason, the mascara starts to flake after a few hours of applying it. Mascaras are typically expected to last through the day if not the whole day. Flaking is certainly undesirable.

    MAC Matte is not your best friend if you have sensitive skin. Many users have experienced pimples and breaking out. This MAC makeup product was also wrongly advertised according to some experts. The claims made were that the product had the ability to prevent shine but as users have reported, that isn’t the case.

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