The Best MAC Makeup Product For Your Eyes/Lashes

MAC has a fascinating inventory when it comes to eye makeup. It has not only carved out a niche for itself in eye-shadows, lashes and brushes but there isn’t any other brand that can match MAC in terms of quality and price. There is something unique and innovative in almost every MAC makeup product and thus it is difficult to pinpoint any one MAC makeup product for the eyes or lashes that is the absolute best. Here are some of the best MAC products for your eyes and/or lashes.

  • MAC Eye Shadow is, by many opinions, the best eye-shadow in the market. The palette of MAC Eye Shadow is desirable and the pigments are pleasantly concentrated. The application process is very simple and the makeup doesn’t get messed up. Also, the eye shadow tends to stay for a really long time. It is perfect for a long day at work or a very long party.
  • MAC 21 Lash is one of the most natural lashes out there. They are extremely lightweight and they don’t interfere with the normal functioning of the lids.
  • MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush is a soft, small lid brush that is perfect for anyone. It is easy to carry, simple to use and can smoothen any lid color.
  • MAC 266 Small Angle Brush is arguably the finest eyeliner brush. Whether you are applying your eye shadow conventionally or applying it as a liner, the brush works perfectly. It is neither too thick nor too thin in its application. You can then work on the thickness if you want a broader lining.
  • MAC Eye Pencil is a must have if anyone wants a great portable eyeliner. It is inexpensive and it doesn’t dry out. The application is smooth. The cushiony feel is really nice to experience. You can also have a smoky eye quite easily with this eyeliner. All you need to do is just smudge it a little. The lining also lasts a really long time.

    There are several other fine products from MAC for eyes and lashes, as well as to simplify the applying of makeup. MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush and MAC 2 Lash deserve special mention owing to their popularity and quality. They are also considerably affordable. You may like several other series or lineups of MAC makeup product but these are simply the best.

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