The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Reality Of MAC Makeup Products

MAC or Makeup Art Cosmetics is one of the most renowned and trusted brands in the world. There are many who would only use a MAC makeup product and no other brand. Rarely do people report any disappointment with a MAC makeup product and it is also uncommon to find people switching to another brand. Like all brands, MAC makeup products should also have a good side, a bad side and an ugly side. Here is a brief take on the good, the bad and the ugly reality of MAC makeup products.

The Good

MAC is a popular brand and it is trusted. For three decades, the company has only grown and established itself as a market leader. The company is heavily invested in social causes. It is known for numerous contributions to charity, special programs for the underprivileged and also for certain initiatives which the company takes on its own accord. The organization is committed to cruelty free beauty which is actually a movement in itself.

A MAC makeup product is known for its uniqueness. The company has a vast inventory but what make it standout from the rest are the innovative formulas that are found in the products. Every company has its own approach to manufacturing makeup products but it is quite common to have several brands using the same formula. MAC is distinct in that sense. What you buy from MAC cannot be matched by another brand. In other words, the reason why you would buy a MAC makeup product may be satiated or catered to by another product but it can never replicate what MAC does.

MAC is perhaps a rare brand that makes prestige makeup products and yet it sells them at reasonable prices. Most companies that are into high end makeup would peg prices that are several notches higher. Brands that sell reasonably priced makeup products are not always into prestige or high end makeup. Any MAC makeup product is certainly special in that sense.

The Bad

A MAC makeup product will be a tad costlier than some brands, which are equally popular if not more.

The Ugly

It is likely that you may end up with a fake MAC makeup product. MAC has been the target of considerable counterfeiting. The company has certain mechanisms in place but given the fact that many people buy makeup products online these days, there is a possibility that you may buy a fake MAC makeup product.

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